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--Going Away--

-Going Away-
July 8, 2007

I might be going away soon
But for now's too soon to tell.
If anything is left behind,
Believe it'll be riddled words.
Few will know where I wake,
Footsteps shadow in rippled sand,
Love wades far behind,
Never knowing where I'll be.
Impossible to follow
When paths lay untread before.

I might be going away soon,
But no one's sure quite when.
There's no telling for how long
Nor when I might return.
I wish I'd explain it simply
So you'd understand the toll,
But only secrets can remain
In this unpleasant situation.

I might be going away soon,
And no one's certain where.
Confusion, struggles cloud the road
To hide those past the drama,
So don't worry if you can't see me,
It just means you're not looking hard enough.

I might be going away soon,
From the drugs and drama and drinking.
I hope to be going away soon
To let shadows fill the room
So shallow sights cannot be seen
From fragile boys afraid of loss
And uncertain girls who daren't try
For the things they really want.
Life leads us seperately
So as not to be confused,
But don't we all run reckless anyway
Because it's the pathetically easy way out?

I might be running alone soon,
So that I can make things happen,
Fulfill all my obligations
To family and beyond.
It means all will be finished,
That everything will find its peace;
Sovereignty and broken angel wings
Lay scarred and scattered at my feet.
I need them to find
All that lay around me.

I might be going home soon,
To train with the best and the fiercest.
Home to family and endless love,
To everything and nothing.
Searching wouldn't help anyway,
Unless you know where to start...
A shining moon, to trust the wolf
Inside and next to me,
So vicious battles be won with faith
As I tread these waters alone.
Tags: poetry

  • Translation.

    níl cinnte an áit tá ceann a ghabháil mé. aithním an áit mé croi a, ach tá fadhbanna ann. siad araon coinnigh mé slán; siad araon déan mé sona. mé…

  • Uh oh.

    tá géill i mo andúil agam cóir uair ní chuirfidh ligean tarlaigh arís. tá gealltanas.

  • Gaelic

    D'imigh sí ó chaidreamh air. (he lost touch with her)

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